ESSRBOND WPK 45-Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane


ESSRBOND WPK 45 is a single component liquid applied membrane made of Hybrid polymer specially designed for waterproofing. Its outstanding performances allow protection & waterproofing of many areas such as : Water supply channel, Water storage tanks, Flowerbeds & fountains Rooftops Crack Bridging Under-tile wet areas (pools, bathrooms, balconies, terrace etc. ) When applied, ESSRBOND WPK 45 creates a continuos watertight seal. It allows moisture vapor transmission. It has also excellent adhesion to almost any surface : concrete, metal, bitumen membranes, acrylic paints. It keeps outstanding performances for a very long period. ESSRBOND WPK 45 maintains its properties with a service temperature from -40 ℃ to + 100 ℃. ESSRBOND WPK 45 is applicable by brush, roller or spray gun.



WPK 55-MS Polymer-Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane


ESSRBOND WPK 55 i s a s ingle component solvent free, high build, liquid- applied water proofing coating based on MS polymer technology that is designed to coat & protect roof & terrace of Buildings. It cures as a result of a reaction with atmospheric moisture to form a tough, monolithic waterproof membrane. It is well suited for enclosed wet areas like bathroom as well as complex structures such as flashings,roof, skyights, mechanical equipment, roof & wall penetrations etc. which would normally require elaborate workmanship.


ESSRBOND WPK 55 can be cleaned before curing with mineral spirits. After it has cured, it cannot easily be removed and forms a resistant surface to most common solvents and will have to be removed with mechanical means.


  • Free of Isocyanate, Silicone, Bitumen &
  • Solvents.
  • Low VOC
  • Quick & easy application using velvet
  • roller, brush or spatula.
  • Fast curing to a highly elastic sealing layer.
  • Ready to use and low consumption 2-3 kg/m.


  • Up to 10 mm crack bridging.
  • Resistance to influences of natural ground water.
  • Good UV-, weather & aging resistance.
  • Adhesion to damp surfaces.
  • Durable, no brittleness like bitumen.
  • Will not support organic growth.
  • Can be handled, stored & shipped safely


ESSRBOND WPK 55 should be applied in two layers. Cut open the inner aluminum foil packaging. Pour ESSRBOND WPK 55 into the bucket, and dispose of the inner packaging. With a short-haired velvet roller, spatula or brush, the first layer of the product can be applied directly from the bucket. After 4 hours (at 25°C) the second layer can be applied. ESSRBOND WPK 55 is capable of carrying full load after 24 hours (at 25°C/55% RH). Outside basement walls can be filled off with sand or soil within 24 hours. In inner corners, where an extremely high load is expected, non-woven fabric reinforcement sheeting should be applied in the first layer of ESSRBOND WPK 55. After 4 hours the second layer can be applied. The consumption of ESSRBOND WPK 55 (2 layers of about 1.5 mm) is 2-3 kg per m². If ESSRBOND WPK 55 is used as a fixation/anti-slip membrane, such as on concrete paving tiles on concrete roofs, a thinner layer (0.4 kg m²) is sufficient. When ESSRBOND WPK 55 is used as a vapour control membrane layer under screed floors, under tiles and finishing layers of balconies, terraces and industrial floors, the second layer of ESSRBOND WPK 55 should be sanded with quartz sand (grain size 0.1 - 0.5; about 1 kg m²). Remove excess sand after 24 hours with a soft brush after which the floor can be finished.





Low Viscosity, application by roller or brush


Approx 1.3g/ml


White / Light Grey / Light Blue

Curing Speed

24hrs at 23degC/55% RH

Product Temperature between

+15degC & +25degC

Temperature Resistance

-40degC & + 90degC

Shore A hardness

30 After 4 week at 23degC / 5 5%RH

Crack bridging to max

5mm at a min layer thickness of 1.5

Application temp

+5degC to 35degC


2-3Kg/m when applied in two layers


Black, Grey, White

ESSRBOND PRIMER FOR WPK 45-One Component PU Primer for Porous Surface 


ESSRBOND Pimer for WPK 45 is a one component low viscosity primer for porous surface to be used with ESSRBOND WPK 45.


  • Concrete Surface
  • Natural Stone
  • Bricks and stained timber frame
  • Glazed tiles ( Unglazed edge )


  • Concrete & mortar
  • Bricks work
  • Gypsum board

1 ltr Aluminium bottle 10pcs in box


  • Strengthens the adhesion of the coating to porous surfaces such as cement, brickwork, gypsum board and stone.
  • Single component.
  • Easy to apply

Always use protective clothing, gloves & goggles during use. Avoid eye & skin contact. Do not ingest or inhale. Refer to material Safety data sheet before use

Store in a cool and dry place. Away from direct sunlight and moisture. Storage temperature to be below 35 CSHELF LIFE
12 months from date of manufacturing In unopened conditions


The company’s products are sold subject to the company’s standard terms and conditions of sale product are warranted against defective materials & workmanship. The company makes every effort to ensure that all the information recommendations or to ensure that all the information, recommendations or the specifications provided by it are accurate and true. However as the company has no control over the conditions of use, it cannot accept any liability, either directly or indirectly regarding the usage of its product.






Viscous Clear Liquid


Density [g/cc]

0.9 0.05

ASTM D 1475

Drying Time [min]

20 min approx.


Application Temperature [C]

50C to 50 0C


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