Tack cloth is a cotton based wipe impregnated with non drying varnish. Dust particles are a major source of paint defects causing nibs, rough finishes and centers of weakness and corrosion. Long experience has shown that Tack cloth is the only safe and economical method ensuring completely dust-free surface on which paint can be applied. The impregnate that we use in our Tack Cloth is formulated especially for us. They are to our own formulae and are chemically compatible with all paint finishes, non-acidic, non- drying, non-staining, will not subject to spontaneous combustion and uniform in tack and quality. Tack cloth is indispensable in modern paint shop. Tack cloth has applications in most industrial production finishing processes like Press shops, mould shops and furniture polishing etc. Tack cloth improves the surface finish on their jobs.


1.Painting    2.Printing     3.Lacquering and varnishing

Surface to be wiped must be at ambient temperature and dry, free from solvent or water which may lead to transfer of varnish from the cloth to body. Over or inappropriate use of Tack cloth might lead to transfer of lint or the impregnate on the surface


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