ESSRBOND GG 105 – Polysulfide Gun Grade


ESSRBOND GG 105 is a high performance, non sag, chemical resistant elastomeric joint system based on Polysulphide Polymer. It is resistant to may chemicals, shrinkage, aging, thermal stress & effect of Outdoor exposure. It is Suitable for use within the construction industry on all parts where above average repeated movement is encountered over a wide temperature range.




Meets BS – 4254 : 1983 and IS – 12118. It also meets the requirement of BS-6920. (Sealant for use in contact with potable water) and WRC – for use in potable water (Grey)


  • Concrete Roads & Highways
  • Rigid Pavements in Airports
  • Potable water retaining Structure
  • Floor Joints in building
  • Bridges
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