EB 100


ESSRBOND EB 100 is a moisture curing polyurethane based adhesive for binding of solid wood (especially of hard wood & tropical wood species ), and also for many other substrate combination like HPL/ Cpl, bonding to galvanized iron or metals,
bonding expanded polystyrene (sanded) to wood, stone etc.


500 gm HDPE bottle & 20 kg Drum


If the product is processed cold, the minimum ambient and subs trate temperature is +10 C. It is advisable to fog the adhesive film or the substrate to be bonded in case the materials are non- absorbent or wood moisture is below 8 % . Please take care during pressing to prevent the press from glueing shut. Cover the press with a silicone release paper. Bonding result depend on the material properties and processing condition. We recommend preliminary customer trials. Clean the substrates to be bonded so that they are free from dust / rust / oil.

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